This wide avenue is dominated by tents and festivities all times of the day and night, with colorful banners flung between houses and curling colored smoke pushing through the brisk air. Cherry blossoms fly through the air, and actors of all types put on corny shows.

  1. A young school of human children gaze in astonishment at a man on stilts, singing in a deep baritone voice and smiling to the sky.
  2. Hummingbirds and bees fly and flutter between rosebushes, drinking of their sweet nectar.
  3. Armored guards observe a firebreather keenly, worried that he is unregistered.


  1. Armed soldiers run and clank down Carter Street, their tanned leather sword sheathes bouncing, as they clear the way, yelling for help putting out the fire. When asked, they point to a small thatched-roof home, with a man screaming in the top floor as the fire curls about him.
  2. You see a man on horseback, leading a group of guards - but they flicker, and you see a Radamann desert man holding 6 other men with chains around their neck.
  3. A Southern Dwarf does a jig, and falls off a crate. Blood is oozing from his skull as the crowd skulks off.
  4. A musician is playing ballads on his lyranthe. A tin cup full of small coins is at his feet.


A beautiful elvish fountain pushes water out of its leafy designs, with thousands of copper coins oxidizing in its bottom.