Set between two massive piles of ramshackle homes, most with gaping holes in their walls patched with blankets and canvas, Delve Way winds. Its mud reflects the sky, puddles of filth lying near the shacks. Beggars bargain for coin, and children eat soup from bowls of bubbling stew, rats tails poking out. 

1. Packs of thugs lurk between buildings in alleyways, holding cudgels and clubs menacingly, with bandannas in different colors.

2. A mother shepherds her two children through the busy way into their home.

3. A beggar, smelling of urine, sleeps on a canvas sheet in the mud of Delve Way.


1. Five thugs threaten a small child, surrounding him. The child is wearing only a few scraps, and is holding out a coin pleadingly.

2. A pickpocket grabs a purse from the back of a hedge wizard strolling in front of you, his wizard hat black with soot and his robes grey and charcoal-like.


Signs announce ratty looking pubs along the way. An old statue of an idealized Veiled Lord sits in the street, its head long gone and its feet smooth from the touching of passersby.