Straight whitewashed rowhouses line this lane, neat cypresses dotting it all the way. The smell of fish cooking along the river, and young halflings picking up carrots from gardens amplifies the pastoral qualities of this peaceful quarter. A large tree spreads past the rowhouses.

  1. A group of young halfling children play jump-rope on the coast of Lake Ceum.
  2. A druid transforms himself into a bear, scratching ancient Lathoam runes into the cobbles of the street with his white claw, tipped with chalk.
  3. A group of Halflings arming themselves with small knives heads towards the Eldath District, shaking their heads nervously as they walk.


  1. A mob of stout Halflings roars at the door of a baroque manor. "Get out of town, Wizard scum!" They shout.
  2. A boy struggles, holding on to a sharp rock as the tides and currents of Lake Ceum are pulling him towards the waterfall.


A massive ancient druidic tree of the halflings spreads its leafy bows over the district.

A statue of the founder of Dusty Lane, Belladonna Mack, stands, being polished to a shine by a young teenager, eyeing his work proudly.