St. Leonard’s Gallery of Once-Living Art


This is a place of class and beauty and it shows. Its reputation proceeds it. The best of the best

have shown here over the years and many adventurers who have been invited (or stumbled

across it) have failed in their attempt to plunder its riches. This dungeon is whimsical and

dangerous, much like the artist currently showing his work. Well...he’s whimsical. Dangerous is

what he’d like people to believe.

His name is Silverloon Gabehardt, a half-elf from a well-to-do family. He’s been

showing/living in the gallery for quite some time and his art has gotten away from him. Rumor

has it that he’s having trouble and is really hoping for some classy adventurers to come and save

him. There are also rumors that this is a scam just to drum up publicity, but who knows?


Room descriptions

1. The entrance is an weathered

chamber with walls covered in

elaborate paintings that depict a

group of colorful people, celebrating;

drinking, throwing spells, laughing.

On the north wall is a painting of a


A search of the room will find

nothing. But after a moment the

paintings will get sick of “posing”

and burst into laughter. No one

person in the painting stands out in

particular, but together they beckon

for the most courageous and

handsome warrior of the group to

join them. And, if they party with

them, they’ll get the key to the door

on the north wall.

One person may enter the painting

and after doing such will be given a

drink. And another. And another.

Continuously. That person must

succeed a DC 17 Constitution saving

throw or gain the “poisoned”

condition and feel extremely

hungover. Regardless, the paintings

open the painting of the door

revealing the gallery lobby.

2. The lobby is manned by the lovely

Half-Orc, Glodric. He’s a very

flamboyant character and insists on

enforcing the strict dress code of the

Gallery. He’ll personally give

everyone a make-over if the party

agrees to pay the fee for not coming

properly dressed (the fee is 10gp per

Charisma point below 18).

However, deny him this and he’ll

attack with his 1d6 animated, metal

utensils (scissors, hair curlers, shoe

horn, etc.), attempting to shoo you

from the premises for being “posh”

and “dull”. Receiving the make-over

grants each person with +2 to

Charisma saves/checks for 24 hours.

3. The floor of this room appears to be

black glass. If walked on or prodded,

the party will see that the floor is

actually still-water that extends to

the door on the opposite wall, which

reads “Private! Stay out! Please?”

The pool itself is 100’ deep and

holds a large shark. Swimming

across is easy enough, it only takes a

single round. But it provokes attack

of opportunity from the shark (so one

person can make it across before the

shark is awake and active).

On the floor of the pool lies the

scattered remains of adventurers and

monsters. Among them is a few gold,

a potion or two, and a dagger that

acts as a skeleton key once and then


4. This room smells of wet paper and

dead things, and is illuminated by a

single, flickering, blue lantern. In the

center of the room is a large easel

and a set of water-color paints. The

floor is scattered with half-finished

paintings. Beside the easel is a set of

4 levers. Each lever controls one of

the three glass, viewing chambers

that flank the room, with the fourth

level controlling the emergency

portcullises for the viewing


The right-most chamber is broken

open and inhabited by the Grung.

Inside the chamber is a faux-forest

environment. The Grung are armed

with makeshift weapons and are

plotting to kill the Bullywugs in the

left-most chamber. One Grung is

standing at the left-most chamber

trying to break open the glass with a

paint-brush. The center chamber is a

faux-cave and holds a Cave Fisher

and a small treasure chest (which

holds 50gp and two potions of sex-


5. This room is entitled “Old Stuff” and

is covered in well-framed paintings.

Entering this room tears through a

painting of a displacer beast. Tearing

through any painting summons the

thing in the painting. There’s

paintings of a raging river, blood-

thirsty orcs, a wyrmling blue dragon,

a phase spider, and other dangerous

things. The painting that covers the

door on the north wall is of a ballista,

which will fire as soon as the

painting is damaged, dealing a d6

damage per level of the party.

6. This room is entitled “A Modern

Critique of the Patriarchy”. Old suits

of plate armor wielding halberds line

the walls of this long hallway. 5 on

the left, 5 on the right. In the right

alcove, there is a wall-sized painting

of a nymph in a bedroom. She smiles

at the female party members and

follows them with her eyes, rolling

her eyes at the males. Tearing this

painting causes the nymph to flee.

The suits of armor attack any male

within reach.

7. This room is entitled “Living Art”.

Inside is a mess of dungeon fixings

and a Beholder. His name is Cactus

Pete and he is Chaotic Good. He

likes folk music, cursed elven poetry,

strong cheese, and a good joke (keep

it PG). Behind him is a door that he

says will only open if he (the DM) is

made to laugh. If forced to fight,

he’ll attempt to incapacitate the party

and flee, saying “sorry, sorry”.

8. This room is entitled “Dragon

Hoard”. It’s a pile of gold, platinum,

and treasure. Each piece of treasure

is an animated object and was hired

to be there. They don’t like being

stolen and will be hostile to anyone

who is not their “owner”. They do

their best not to talk.

9. This installment is called “Falling”.

It’s a dark cavern with no floor and

no ceiling. The walls are jagged

rock. Stalactites reach down at

gaping intervals around the room.

Water drips through this abyss. A

high intelligence will note that it’s

just the same water droplet. The

ceiling and floor are a loop. Be

careful crossing.

10. This installment is called “Once

More with Style!” and is a room of

acid bridged by a tight-rope with a

large swinging blade in the middle.

There’s a floor on the opposite side

where the Dread Pirate Gallowhand

and his band of merry thieves stand

(1d6 of them). They say they can

only be defeated with style,

otherwise the door to room 11 will

remain closed. Witty combat moves,

and classic one-liners need apply.

11. This installment is called

“Imprisoned”. It’s a simple room that

the artist formerly known as

Gabehardt has hidden himself away

after his office was taken by the

Grung he was painting. He says it’s

another installment but he’s

dreadfully scared of leaving. He

trades information about the gallery

for compliments and well thought

out critiques of his work.

12. This installment is called “Illusion”

and is painted to appear as a massive

cave with multiple exits. This

“illusion” is easy to spot if a player

bumps into the wall, or with some

clever deducing (don’t give it to

them easily, it’s a really good optical

illusion). Finding the true exit is

more difficult. There’s a treasure

chest that looks like it is a painting

on the south wall. In reality it’s a

floor hatch that leads down into 13.

13. This installment is called “Sticky

Situation” and is a large room lit by

sconces that cling to the obsidian

walls. There are three exits to the last

of the art exhibits. The ladder from

12 descends near the north wall and

stops just above the floor. The floor

to this room gleams in the torch light

and shows mostly digested corpses

half-sunken in it. The floor is

gelatinous and acidic. There is

treasure of various kinds hidden

among the corpses and beneath the


14. This installment is called “hangman”

and is a large room with obsidian

walls. A flesh golem sits in one

corner. Upon entering the room, one

party member must be chosen. The

golem grabs that character and holds

them tight. Any struggle is futile.

There is a pile of wood blocks with

each letter of the alphabet on them

(so 26 in total). On the golem’s back

are six slots for six blocks, spelling a


The players must play hangman with

the golem. Each wrongly chosen

letter will result in the player held by

the golem losing a limb. This is not

painful. But if all limbs are removed

(both arms, both legs, head) then you

die. If the word is discovered

(piñata) then the Golem will burst

like a piñata, showering 500gp in the

room and a ring of invisibility. The

party will have to put the player back

together again...if they want.

15. This installment is called

“Bathroom” and inside...well, it’s

just a bathroom. It’s not an

installment. There’s just a goblin

janitor taking a dump. He hates his

job and will do anything to get out.

He knows everything about the


16. This installment is called “Aligned

Positions”. The walls are mirrors that

only reflect the alignment of the

person they share. The south wall is

good, west wall is neutral, and north

is evil. The PCs can enter the mirror

that reflects them to find a small

offering chamber that grants a

blessing (advantage on next roll) if

an offering is left (this is a scheme to

make some gold). Any attempt to

break the mirrors manifests a mirror

image of the PC (so opposite

alignment, opposite dominant hand,

etc.) who will attempt to take the

place of the original PC.

17. This installment is called “BEWARE

THE MIMIC” and is a simple room,

with a simple chest, upon a simple

red carpet. The chest is normal, no

traps or tricks, and holds 200gp, an

arrow of slaying, and a sack of rubies

(worth 500gp total). If the party

choose to open the chest, the door

behind them attacks.

Monsters Needed for this Adventure

What follows is a list of all the monsters present in this adventure, with either their place in the

Monster Manual, or a simple, custom stat block for them. HD stands for Hit Die. Assume that

each HD is a d8. You can roll it for yourself or assume that each roll is 4 or 5.

 Glodric (MM pg. 348 Noble)

 Animated Utensils (Flying Swords, MM pg. 19)

 Giant Shark (MM pg. 328)

 Bullywug (MM pg. 35)

 Displacer Beast (MM pg. 81)

 Animated Armor (MM pg. 19)

 Beholder (MM pg. 26)

 Gallowhand (MM pg. 344 Bandit Captain)

 Thieves (MM pg. 343 Bandit)

 Flesh Golem (MM pg. 167)

 Mimic (MM pg. 220)

 Grung

o AC - 13

o HD – 2

o Attack – Same as dagger, they like to climb on people and throw dirt in eyes

 Cave Fisher

o AC - 16

o HD – 10

o Attack – advantage on stealth checks, attacks with both pincers (1d10 each), can

use its filament to grapple targets at range (30ft.)

 Gabehardt

o AC - 11

o HD – 1

o Attack – he has no weapons, but anything he paints can become real (including

weapons, monster, exits).



















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