This Avenue is located in the Noble District - . On all sides of it manors glitter white in the starlight—snowy marble pillars and golden domes and silver arches, wrought with family crests or initials. The smell of flowers is tangible in the air, and servants busy themselves with gardening.

  1. A group of guards in burnished plate wait near a recently-painted wall, done in a Griffin crest.
  2. A woman in a fine yellow dress holds up her skirts and walks haughtily by, her nose pointing up into the air as she sneers at the servants around her.
  3. A wealthy merchant with a luxuriant black beard snaps his golden chain on his pet lion, motioning for it to follow him as he returns to his alabaster palace.


  1. A group of guards with the blue sky reflected on their polished mail approach you, the stench of sweat heavy on their bodies as they clank across the uniform cobblestones. "Why are you in this district"?
  2. A young urchin holding a canvas stitched sack speeds across the street, running towards the Spire of Feymar on the silver bridge leading to it. A group of guards shouts at him, and one, in old leather armor, is chasing the young thief.
  3. A nobleman approaches you, a pleading look in his eyes as he looks towards The Hovels across the river. "They took my son!"


Hedges line the path, and the cobbles are smooth and straight. A statue of a golden lion sits in a reflecting pool, with a plaque marked "The Nobility of the Beast".