Messinga Manor is a beautiful building with a mahogany door and glass windows with violet purple curtains drawn. Halflings grumble about the owner, commenting about the noises keeping them up at night. If asked more, Halflings usually will point to it, and claim that a Beholder named Xanathar lives there, a powerful wizard. They say he often performs experiments late at night, and want the Heroes to put a stop to it.

Xanathar's home is beautiful, with all sorts of magical artifacts and treasures. Unseen servants sweep around, doing chores. Smelly scents emerge from the basement.

Xanathar, in the basement, has a 5 feet diameter, brown-yellow skin with scales, brown, unusually small eyes, thin and short eyestalks made of earthworms, humanlike teeth, and large/wide mouth.

Xanathar is performing surgery on a frost giant, and repairing its teeth.

Xanathar is not evil - in fact, he is chaotic good, and is using this manor as a place to do his experiments. Xanathar apologizes for the loud noises at night, and asks the Heroes to find a noise dampening spell, as he does not know one. The spell can be found in the Fallingwater Library.