Park Street lines the river leading to the waterfall of Fallingwater, mercenaries leaning against buildings and discussing payment with clients. The points of clubs and cudgels from two rival gangs wave in the air as a leader threatens the other in the morning mist. 

1. Gangs lean against hedges, glancing towards The Hovels.

2. The Park of Pleasure is flush with Dwarfs, mostly northern, watching a dog fight and clapping excitedly in their accents.

3. Seven Githyanki chat amongst themselves, dicing on a bench in the Park of Pleasure.


1. Two rival gangs approach the best dressed member of your group, asking you to mediate a dispute as "You look like a respectable type".

2. A thug threatens you to sheathe your weapons, as this is neutral ground.


The sands of the riverfront are awash with iron, and children often can be found sifting through it late at night to try to salvage some value from their lives.