This temple is clearly ancient, and made in an aztec-style architecture. It is a cone with steps on the side, and a small temple on the top, with water running down, pure and clear and smooth. Rosebushes grow on its bottom, and it is a popular place to worship, and to eat, due to the free food given out for the poor at the base of the temple.

The priests dress in white robes with blue lining, and busy themselves, tending to the plants at the top and leading quiet, solemn prayer sessions. The architecture here has old rubbings of Olmen gods, and, if the Priests are asked, they say that there are still old temples still standing not too far outside the city, with a Veil of the Veiled Lords.

Tanya, a priestess, knows Meriele and will embrace her, asking her where she has been. Tanya will give the party advice and help them once she sees Meriele, and offer them quarters in the temple "Spare rooms, but not much". She recommends the Crow's Foot, as well.

Plot Hooks:

Obviously, the Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan thing.

There has been a young urchin stealing food from the Temple of Eldath's free food sessions. He is rumored to live in Lover Park, beneath an ancient oak.